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Brama Doors – green future of your home.


Future is now. Our goal is to make Brama the world-wide producer of door products.
1. Product - production of quality products that meet the needs and expectations of customers;
2. Efficiency - a high-performance company with a potential for constant growth;
3. Partnerships - an expanded network of dealers in Ukraine and abroad;
4. A team is a company in which people improve themselves and realize themselves, and also realize their own ideas;
5. Income - Increase income along with social and environmental responsibility;
6. Environmental care - using advanced green technologies.


1. Transparency and openness.
Transparent and open business for our partners and customers.

2. Leadership
Leader in the industry: best product, innovative technologies and equipment, 25% higher salary in industry.

3. Flexibility.
We care about our clients all over the world and offer the exact product as required.

4. Team work.
Team strongly oriented for achieving results.

5. Improvement.
The world is changing. If something can be done better, we’ll do it for sure.Everything depends on us. Continuing learning of employees for professional growth is motivation for development.

6. Environment protection.
Responsible to environment and people. Using renewable energy resources and protecting forest.